3H : Haiti House of Hope

History of the project

After his medical training in the Ukraine, Bogdan Mazuruk moved to the Netherlands. After completing a Master in Oncology at the University in Amsterdam, Bogdan started his second Master of Medicine at the University of Maastricht. At this moment he is a young medical doctor and a researcher in Oncology.

In December 2009 Bogdan went to Haiti for a short-term medical missionary trip. He was there in the week prior to the terrible disaster, the earthquake that caused hundred thousands of people to die or become injured. More than 20000 children  lost their parents in the earthquake. There is over 1 mil orphans in Haiti (UNICEF ’11). They currently live on the streets without a home, without basic resources and without any hope for the future. It is known that street children in big numbers are used as house and sexual slaves in Haiti and Uganda. A week after the earthquake Bogdan returned to Haiti to give emergency medical assistance to the victims.

In December last year Bogdan went to Haiti to assist in a program to reduce cholera. During that time he met two good friends: Isaac Exantus, a theology student and Atsuko Celbeau, an education project director at the Good Neighbours Foundation. Both young men had been a part of several humanitarian projects supporting street children for a long time.

In April 2011 the three friends agreed to establish the Lespwa Pou Demen Foundation in Port au Prince. Their aim is to care for orphans by providing shelter, food, medical assistance and anopportunity to access quality education. Their main goal is to create a hopeful and positive perspective for each admitted child, which will allow him to grow into healthy, emotionally strong, educated and financially independent adults.


We are in big need of structural financial support to cover daily needs of the children. Because of poor economy and lack of own industry, most of food, clothes and house goods are imported from the US and Brazil. It means very high prices for local poor people and a big challenge for us to run the orphanage. Daily meals for one child per month cost over € 40, and that is excluding much more needs (clothes, school materials and hygienic supplies). Would you consider to help us and sponsor a child for a long term? Over months and years you will definitely see how your seeds will grow changing life of that child, the one that will definitely sow in other lives later.

At this moment we are busy to establish a primary school for our kids and very poor children from the neighbourhood Sarthe in Port Au Prince. An experienced teacher and supporting volunteers are ready to help us. We are looking for sponsorship to buy school furniture and materials (text books, copy-books, pens) which are so necessary to make this project possible. Giving quality education to the children we want them to be trained and prepared for their life in the future.

Bogdan Mazuruk:

BogdanBogdan grew up in a Christian family. He was actively involved in the life of a Full Evangelical church in Ukraine serving as a youth leader for many years. Since 2007 is he an active member of a youth Christian center Lighthouse in the Netherlands. His life passion is to be used by God and bring hope and future to the neediest children and youth in the developing countries.

Exantus Isaac:

ExantusAs a future pastor graduating student in theology, preacher of the Gospel, my department has two basic criteria one is on the spiritual plane, meaning you teach writing preacher and the good news of Jesus Christ and the other in social work especially with children to help them find good training for him to effectively assist them even as the company and become competent citizens because we live in a society that requires us competence, knowledge and intelligence.

Celbeau Atsuko:

CelbeauI believe in education and with education we can change the face of this world. I hope to work with disadvantaged children and this is my biggest mission to help orphans, homeless and needy, I provide opportunities with children, because it is they who will become adults tomorrow if we think with them today already we prepare a good future for this world.

Schaffler & Hasley:

Schaffler Hegestratos and Hasley Blaise are the executive daily assistants of the Foundation. Both of them do much afford to run the House of Hope in Port Au Prince. Schaffler is a good accountant and ICT specialist, Hasley is a student in a business administration.