Current activities of Hope for the Future Intl

Family home

A home for children that lost their parents in the earthquake in Haiti and the Aids epidemic and civil war in Uganda, the ones have been living on the street ever since. We  create a healthy and family home environment,  provide all necessary life means and aim to invest in the children’s future rising a new generation of leaders in the country.  It’s our great joy to see their lives completely changed. Now they enjoy family warmth, their hearts have been restored and they have got hope a brighter future for their lives and Haiti.

Medical outreach

Together with other partner organizations we provide medical assistance to the most needy in refuge tent cities and poor communities far villages. Hope for the Future Intl together with GCOM Ministries has been performing its annual medical missions since 2009. Many health professionals from the USA, Canada, UK, Germany and The Netherlands join our medical teams to serve people in the local outpatient facilities in Haiti and Uganda. Each mission has been a huge success and often a life-saving action.

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Youth Health Training

Hope for the Future Intl aims to impact lives of teenagers and young adults through providing general health information on HIV/Aids, sexual health, hygiene to reduce burden of infectious diseases and number of unexpected pregnancies.
We believe in an impact of education to change the lives of young generation using innovative aporaches to deliver the message of health and safety.  

Biblical principles

Our Biblical principles are: spiritual and psychological support of orphan children and youth. Grounded in the Christian faith, we promote the the Biblical principles of life and personal relationship with God. Offering psychological support to deal with post traumatic stress and miserable life circumstances is a one of the main purposes of all activities.



High potential scholarship program

Hope for the Future Intl supports disadvantaged young people with strong motivation and life perspective in financing their higher education. A special fundraising for this purpose takes place regularly. We help young adults to grow in their life-calling and dreams in order to become influential members of the society.