About Hope for the Future International

 Hope for the Future International is founded as a humanitarian organization in Haiti. Now we operate in several extremely poor countries in Africa as well. It is the vision of the good friends: Bogdan Mazuruk, Jelmer Koopman, Mike Kaweesa Mazuruk, Mark Ssinamenye, Isaac Exantus and Atsuko Celbeau. Having a broad experience in working with vulnerable children and youth, we aim to impact the lives of the homeless children and abandoned youth in Africa and Haiti. We provide a permanent shelter, social and spiritual support and education, helping children and young adults to grow in their talents and walking in the calling that God has for their lives.



We care

Organization of medical assistance, psychological support and health education are important tasks of Hope for the Future International. We currently work on establishment of a family home in Uganda and Haiti for street children of the age 6 – 15 years who lost their parents in the earthquake followed by the cholera epidemic in Haiti, or due to the Aids epidemic and recent civil war in Uganda. We aim to create a healthy and warm home facility for the orphans, to participate in the process of their emotional healing and to create a brighter future for their lives, Haiti and Uganda.




At this moment fundraising takes place to purchase a piece of land in Uganda, build a Children Center Fountain of Hope and  accommodate orphan children  in a cosy and healthy home facility. It is the beginning of the much bigger project. We plan to establish the primary and secondary boarding schools,  vocational institute, a hospital and a conference center there.  

Your support and involvement is very much needed to expand and run this project and change the lives of the abandoned children and youth.

Only together we can make a difference. We greatly appreciate any kind of support in regards to this mission of mercy.

Please support Hope for the Future

Bogdan Mazuruk:

BogdanBogdan grew up in a Christian family. He was actively involved in the life of a Full Evangelical church in Ukraine serving as a youth leader for many years. Since 2007 is he an active member of a youth Christian center Lighthouse in the Netherlands. His life passion is to be used by God and bring hope and future to the neediest children and youth in the developing countries.

Exantus Isaac:

ExantusAs a future pastor graduating student in theology, preacher of the Gospel, my department has two basic criteria one is on the spiritual plane, meaning you teach writing preacher and the good news of Jesus Christ and the other in social work especially with children to help them find good training for him to effectively assist them even as the company and become competent citizens because we live in a society that requires us competence, knowledge and intelligence.

Celbeau Atsuko:

CelbeauI believe in education and with education we can change the face of this world. I hope to work with disadvantaged children and this is my biggest mission to help orphans, homeless and needy, I provide opportunities with children, because it is they who will become adults tomorrow if we think with them today already we prepare a good future for this world.

Schaffler & Hasley:

Schaffler Hegestratos and Hasley Blaise are the executive daily assistants of the Foundation. Both of them do much afford to run the House of Hope in Port Au Prince. Schaffler is a good accountant and ICT specialist, Hasley is a student in a business administration.